Don’t Look Up turns out to be a record-breaking monster hit on Netflix

Image via Netflix

Don’t Look Up dominates Netflix in an unprecedented number of countries and with unprecedented stamina. These are the numbers.

Everyone has been talking about Don’t Look Up in recent weeks and Netflix likes that all too much. The satirical film about climate change, backstabbing politics and the nature of humanity dominates the streaming service and shatters records. Over the past week, the film has consistently been at number 1 in almost 90 countries (including the Benelux). It is rare that a film is viewed unanimously so well.

Don’t Look Up dominates Netflix

The film had to pick up steam for a while. After its release on Netflix on December 9, critics were divided over the quality of the film. The razor-sharp satire was praised and criticized; the political message of the film as well.

But from December 25, the snowball effect became visible. According to FlixPatrol, the film has been the number 1 most watched film in the world on Netflix since that day (and still today). In fact, according to FilmUpdates, it’s the best week ever for a movie on Netflix with 152 million hours of streamed Don’t Look Up fun.

The fact that the film is so high-profile and satirical has definitely helped Netflix. Viewers are talking about the absurdist view of humanity and that’s how the fire starts to spread quickly. It won’t stop you from starring Hollywood king Meryl Streep, Hollywood princess Jennifer Lawrence and Hollywood god Leonardo DiCaprio.

In short, everyone is talking about and watching what I think is a brilliant film about all kinds of hot topics of the moment. And the fact that the whole thing is also exceptionally hilarious makes the bitter pill that the film sells just that little bit easier to swallow.

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