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Deezer updated on iPhone: integration with Waze and support shortcuts Siri on iOS 12

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Deezer today released an update considered major by the streaming service of its iOS app ( App Store Link – Free – iPhone / iPad). Version 7.0 includes a lot of new features.

It is now possible to use Deezer directly from Waze, as it is already possible to do with Spotify for a while now. This allows you to control your Deezer music directly from Waze when a route is activated to avoid permanent back and forth. It is thus possible to access the Flow section, the favorites or the songs recently listened to.

The update is also an opportunity to have support for shortcuts for Siri on iOS 12 It is possible to summon the Apple wizard and ask him to launch Flow, the favorites or play music in random from the Deezer, without having to do it manually since the application of the streaming service. In addition, the update offers users to exclude explicit music (by activating the dedicated option in the settings). Finally, the icon that lets you say you do not like music has been reviewed.

Deezer is available for free for download on the App Store for iPhone and iPad.

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