Data present in the Telekom network: Congstar increases prepaid tariff

With the Congstar Prepaid Allnet M you can surf the Telekom network with twice the data volume. For all customers who purchase their SIM card during the promotional period, there is an upgrade from 3 GB to 6 GB at no extra charge – and not just once.

Congstar doubles data volume: 6 GB in the Telekom network for 10 euros

Congstar has a new offer ready: For prepaid customers who opt for the Allnet M tariff by August 31, there is double the data volume automatically. Instead of the usual 3 GB you get 6 GB. Prepaid customers can even use this data gift several times over when they are on the Telekom mobile network.

Because the data volume for the Congstar Allnet M there are a total of three times. You have four weeks to use the additional data. As is typical with Congstar, a new billing period does not start on a monthly basis, but every four weeks. So if you want something from the promotion the longest, you should wait until shortly before the end of the offer.

In line with its name, the Allnet M tariff also includes a flat-rate phone to all German networks; you pay 9 cents for each SMS. When surfing, you are traveling with a maximum of 25 Mbit / s. That’s what you pay for at Congstar 10 euros for four weeks.

The offer also improves the price-performance ratio of the Allnet M for existing customers, but it is particularly worthwhile for new customers at Congstar. Because they expect further discounts: If you activate your new SIM card from Congstar by December 31, you will receive an additional 5 euros on top of the starting credit of normally 5 euros. If you want to benefit from it, you have to use the credit, it is not redeemable.

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Thanks to the Congstar offer: Surf the Telekom network for free for six weeks

Anyone who also brings a phone number from the previous provider can secure a credit of another 10 euros for it. We count against: With a 10 Euro credit, 5 Euro additional credit and a price of 10 Euro for four weeks, you are in fact six weeks in the Telekom network for free. Not bad, but of course only interesting if you can cope with a relatively small volume of data. If you need more, you will find alternatives in our comparison of prepaid tariffs.

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