Czech Navigation receives support for Android Auto

The Android Auto platform has recently received official support from another navigation application. At the beginning of the year, the Slovak Sygic came with the same message, now it is time to reach the Czech application MapFactor Navigator.

When Sygic arrived on the market, he managed to capture two championships. Within Android Auto, this was the first application outside of Google’s production, and at the same time it was the first to be able to work offline.

The creators of MapFactor Navigator 7 have also worked hard to make their application available as soon as possible. On the official blog, they state that MapFactor Navigator has become one of the applications with preferred access and after months of work, it is now available in the final version.

Offline navigation and free Android Auto support

Like Sygic, Navigator 7 can work offline and offers many useful things. However, the creators emphasize that, unlike the competition, support for Android Auto is completely free, in all versions of the application – from the free Navigator FREE to the professional Navigator PRO.

In addition to support for Android Auto, navigation has also expanded TomTom maps to include other regions. At the same time, the area has moved from the original model of one-off annual subscription licenses, which includes regular quarterly updates.

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