Talkie helps people with speech problems with a soundboard

The text-to-speech app Talkie has been greatly improved. The app helps people with speech difficulties express themselves more easily, and it now does so with a soundboard with fixed phrases you can use.


Talkie is an app from the Dutch developer Erwin Oudshoorn. He was born with Lymphatic Malformation which makes it difficult for him to speak. Erwin used to try to express himself with the notes app on his phone, but then found that text on the screen was too small for communication to go smoothly, so he created his own app.

Two years ago we wrote about the launch of Talkie, an app that can read sentences aloud and convert spoken language into sentences. The app has since come a long way. Oudshoorn has completely remade them with the Flutter code language, which makes it smoother and new functionalities have been added.

Developer Erwin Oudshoorn

sound board

The soundboard is interesting, for example, because you can play entire sentences on your phone with one tap. You can personalize it completely to your liking, and you use colors, images and text to make it easier to distinguish the different messages. Another option is to make drawings in the app and show them to others.

You no longer have to pay for Talkie, but you can now download the app for free in the Google Play Store. Oudshoorn tells Androidworld that the app will remain free, but that additional functionalities will be added that come behind a paywall. You can then optionally pay monthly for the app. prices are currently unknown.

Two years ago, the man also launched ‘Capido’, a dating app for people with disabilities. Do you use Talkie or Capido? What are your experiences with the apps? Have they played an important role for you? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of this article.

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