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cool video shows smartphone we won’t see

LG made the LG Rollable pop up in the news some time ago. We now see this incredibly cool smartphone in person, in a video.

LG Rollable

The LG Rollable can be seen in a cool video. Thanks to a South Korean YouTuber, the device is highlighted on all sides, and we see the operation of this beautiful piece of technology. However, the phone was never released. In addition, the Korean brand has pulled the plug from the smartphone branch and we will therefore never see this Rollable on the market.

Initially, the idea was that the LG Rollable would be announced in 2021. This rollable smartphone was shown in a teaser during CES that year. However, it never came to an official announcement. The devices that had already been produced were sold to LG employees.

There is a chance that a similar design will still be released by another manufacturer, but until then we have to make do with these beautiful images.

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