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TikTok bans political ads to prevent disinformation

TikTok restricts advertising options for political accounts. This emerges from an update to the platform’s guidelines. Corresponding users may therefore neither take nor spend money in the future. Above all, the video platform wants to prevent false information.

In addition to content from everyday life, political content also circulates on TikTok. To prevent misinformation, the platform has now updated its guidelines. That comes from one official blog post of the company.

According to this, political accounts will not be able to advertise in the future, nor will they be able to use the monetization options on the platform. This means that they can neither earn nor spend money. The aim is to take active action against misinformation.

TikTok bans political advertising

Accounts from governments, politicians and parties will no longer be able to place political advertising on TikTok in the future. The video platform also wants to deny corresponding users access to other monetization options.

According to TikTok, however, political accounts have the option of obtaining an exception under certain conditions. This applies, for example, to the advertising of funding campaigns, as was the case with contributions to contain the Covid 19 pandemic. However, users must contact TikTok directly.

New guidelines

TikTok has been taking action against political advertising for some time. Election advertising, for example, has been banned since 2019. However, the platform has not consistently enforced the ban. The latest update of the guidelines is likely to be a reaction to the upcoming midterm elections in the USA.

The company also provides more details on its support page. Accordingly, TikTok prohibits political accounts from only placing political advertising, but advertising in general. This also applies, for example, to former heads of state or members of a royal family.

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