Confirmed, Outriders will be released on April 1 in Game Pass -apkrig

Microsoft did not linger too long, and after hints from the weekend, a short time ago, it confirmed that the upcoming Outriders event from Polish developers from People Can Fly will go to the Game Pass. What’s more, the game will be available as part of an increasingly popular service from the day of its release, so you can look forward to it as early as April 1. Due to the tricky date, Microsoft representatives warn in a post on the Xbox Wire website that this is no April Fool’s joke and express great pleasure in being able to bring this title to Game Pass subscribers. However, there is a catch – there is no PC in the list of supported versions of the Game Pass.

“They are very excited to announce that Outriders will be available on Android consoles and phones or tablets via Xbox Cloud Gaming via the Game Pass. I assure you, this is not an April Fool’s joke, “says Megan Spurr, head of communications. Rather than agreeing with the developers, Microsoft had to acquire Square Enix on its side, but neither party provided any details about the collaboration. Therefore, we do not know how long the game will be available in the Game Pass, but taking into account that it is not a live service matter, for which it would be worthwhile to own the game even after a month, the offer seems relatively expensive.

The reaction of the fans is twofold – some in the comments on social networks congratulate Microsoft on another great victory and great service for players, but on the other hand there is criticism more towards developers and publishers for letting pre-orders run for so long. It’s hard to judge what their volume was, but given the interest in the demo version, which was downloaded by over two million players, it could be quite significant. Of course, pre-orders can be canceled and the money paid can be recovered, but it is a burden on the part of the customer, who can potentially lose confidence in the publisher and be more reserved about other possible pre-orders. However, this is not a big disaster as a result, and despite the absence of Outriders in the PC version of the Game Pass, this is a relatively solid catch for Microsoft.

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