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Cycling, skiing, hiking, …, with Sayfe your mountain safety becomes independent of your network, internet and GPS coverage. You will be able to experience the mountain in all serenity, reassure your loved ones and give them the means to act if necessary.

– Define the geographical area of ​​your outing, by importing a GPX file or by selecting waypoints on a map.
– Define the estimated time of your return. Once this time has been reached, if you have not indicated that you have returned, actions will begin to hear from you, and to transmit all the information to your emergency contact.
– Define your emergency contact, directly from your phone contacts.

How will your emergency contact be alerted?
If you do not indicate that you have returned from your mountain outing, your emergency contact will receive (1h30 after the return time entered) an SMS with a link that will allow them to access the information entered on the application.

A demonstration is visible on this page:

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