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[#BlackFriday] Ivacy: a powerful VPN for 1 euro per month (+ 2TB in the cloud)

[#BlackFriday] Ivacy: a powerful VPN for 1 euro per month (+ 2TB in the cloud)

If you are looking for a high-performance VPN at a low price, now is the perfect time during this promotion period! ?. For BlackFriday, the service Ivacy offers an unmissable promotion for a few days at 1 euro per month !

Ivacywe told you about it not long ago, and we’ll tell you about it again today for a very simple reason: this ultra-complete, secure and powerful VPN is offered at 90% off during this BlackFriday and CyBerMonday period. Yes, it’s a hell of a reduction. So let’s recap for the few latecomers at the bottom: thanks to a network of servers in peer to peer the VPN makes it possible to circumvent almost all the geographical limits of the Internet, such as for example the impossibility of subscribing to a foreign SVoD service if one is not a resident of this country. With the VPN, this constraint is skipped, and therefore you have access to the American (or Japanese, or German, etc.) catalog of HBO Max, Netflix, Disney+, Apple TV+, and many other services. Ivacy is not only a VPN among others, it is first and foremost a high-performance, complete VPN, and above all… very inexpensive since the subscription costs 1 euro per month right now !

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If you are eyeing a series only available in the Netflix USA catalog for example, no worries, the Ivacy VPN ensures geographical transfer with a simple mouse click, knowing that the software allows reading from anywhere without buffered! The ultra-readable interface is another strong point of Ivacy: even a complete VPN beginner will find their bearings and will know how to “relocate” their internet surfing.

In terms of performance and speeds, there is nothing really to worry about: Ivacy relies on more than 3500 servers in 100 countries (theoretically unlimited bandwidth!). And of course, Ivacy chooses for you the fastest server close to your network node. The software also unlocks infinite buffering on Netflix, which will allow you to enjoy the stream without noticeable slowdowns or latency. Of course, other platforms take advantage of the perfs of the VPN, including Disney+, Amazon Prime, Hulu, etc.

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For good measure, let’s not forget the Split Tunneling anti-piracy technology or even the Kodi application available on all operating systems, from Windows to Mac OS via iOS, iPadOS, tvOS, Android and even the Amazon Fire TV stick! Do you still need a concrete argument to make up your mind? Remember that Ivacy is currently offered at 0.9 euros/month (for a subscription of 54 euros over 5 years).

This same offer of 1 euro/month (and only this offer) comes with fully encrypted cloud storage with a capacity of 2 TB. For the undecided, the offer is guaranteed satisfied or refunded for 30 days.

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