Bitcoin is a technological marvel and better than gold

Apple co-founder Wozniak believes that Bitcoin is a technological marvel and that it is even better than gold!

Apple’s other Steve, Steve Wozniak, has spoken positively about Bitcoin. And that is refreshing in these times, where the digital currency is under pressure. The tech guru says he’s impressed with the coin, but hasn’t put any money into it himself.

Bitcoin is a technological marvel

That says something, because Wozniak is not just anyone. He co-founded Apple with Steve Jobs and Ronald Wayne. Well, we all know how that went. Fairly successful. Wozniak was a guest at a major event in Latin America last week. This ‘Talent Land Digital 2021’ event is full of interesting speakers.

The co-founder called the digital currency a technological marvel. He went on to say that it is a “unique mathematical formula.” The news agency El Sol de Mexico also reports that Wozniak has indicated that Bitcoin is better than gold. This is because it is easier to mine.

Gold is limited and you have to look for it. Bitcoin is the most amazing mathematical miracle. I don’t invest in Bitcoin, but I believe it is here to stay.


The digital gold is here

Many people call the digital currency the new gold. This is because gold, but also Bitcoin, has a limited supply and therefore has a fixed value. At least, that’s the strong suspicion. Gold is limited by the physical supply. But it is also very difficult to mine. Bitcoin is also limited to the number of “mineable” coins (21 million). The last Bitcoin will be mined in 2140.

Wozniak is consistent in his story: as early as 2018, he claimed that only Bitcoin is the digital gold. He has also publicly stated several times that the currency will become the only internet currency. It is remarkable, if you have so much confidence, that you do not invest yourself. He does have some money on the shelf…

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