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Bitcoin continues to rise, this is the cause and this is the expectation

Bitcoin provides surprise after surprise towards 2021. This is the cause.

We saw last week that the Bitcoin broke record after record and the largest crypto coin does not seem to have finished its triumphal march. The price continues to rise. According to experts, this is the cause …

Bitcoin continues to rise, crypto coins exchange

After the weekend, Bitcoin has started the new week positively. As you can see in the overview below, the largest crypto coin rises, while the result for the largest crypto coins is variable.

Bitcoin continues to rise

At the time of writing, the USD exchange rate of the BTC is $ 23,744.57, bringing the coin back to last week’s record rate. You can follow the live crypto rates here.

This is the cause of Bitcoin’s rise

As you can see in the media and as we reported last week, unlike in 2017, there is not (yet) a massive influx of private investors. Analyzes show that American companies in particular invest massively in BTC. After a few large investors, many smaller players are now following.

There are regulations in America that prohibit certain companies from buying BTC and other crypto coins. The investment fund Grayscale has a solution for this. They sell shares in funds that invest in crypto coins. The purchase of those shares is allowed. Earlier we saw some mega deposits, which were made separately with permission. Now we see that many smaller companies avoid that permission and take advantage of this detour. Experts therefore cite these new investors as the cause of the increase.

Unexpected problems due to course records.

Normally, technical analyzes now follow that say something about the price forecast. However, due to the course records, one sails in unknown waters. The Bitcoin shows that it has little to do with technical expectations, because it breaks one border after another. In addition, the statistics at this level have not been tested before. Although the outlook remains bullish, it is all the more important to do your own research and to determine rationally whether (and if so in what) you invest.

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