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Beta 2 for iOS 16.3, macOS 13.2, watchOS 9.3 and tvOS 16.3

Apple is releasing Beta 2 today (build 20D5035i) of iOS 16.3 on iPhone and iPadOS 16.2 on iPad. It was expected since the first dates back to December 14. The significant break is explained in particular by the end-of-year holiday period. The new version concerns for the moment the developers, the public testers will have it normally in the evening or tomorrow.

There is no information yet on the new features to be found with this new beta of iOS 16.3. The first had especially added a novelty, namely the support of physical security keys for connection to the Apple account. Until now, two-step authentication (2FA) took place with the email address and password of his Apple account, then a code to enter to validate the connection. With iOS 16.3, it is possible to connect a physical security key to your iPhone or iPad via the Lightning or USB-C port depending on the model to validate the connection to the Apple account.

If you have the developer profile, go to Settings > General > Software Update to download iOS 16.3 Beta 2. The final version should normally be available in February or March.

In addition, Apple offers beta 2 (build 22D5038i) of macOS 13.2, beta 2 (build 20S5637h) of watchOS 9.3 and beta 2 (build 20K5637g) of tvOS 16.3. Again, this concerns developers and there is no information on new features.

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