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These are the technology trends in 2023 [Anzeige]

These are the technology trends in 2023 [Anzeige]

In 2023, sustainability is and will remain the top issue. Green Tech is booming and sustainability also plays a central role in the automotive and manufacturing industries. This is illustrated by the Industry 4.0 trends and innovations in e-mobility. We introduce you to the technology trends for the year 2023 and show what companies should consider this year.

Trend 1: Autonomous driving and e-mobility

Connectivity, autonomous driving, shared mobility and e-mobility, also known by the abbreviation CASE, have been the dominant topics in the automotive sector in recent years. Autonomous driving and electromobility will also be key trends in 2023.

Electromobility and autonomous driving are linked because it is easier to integrate the autonomous driving functions into electric vehicles. And so the development of e-mobility is also driving the development of autonomous driving. In terms of sustainability, electric vehicles also have another advantage: They are generally quieter and produce fewer emissions than vehicles with combustion engines. In conjunction with electromobility, autonomous driving can make mobility more sustainable and safer and, for example, reduce traffic accidents.

However, there are still challenges in the introduction of autonomous driving systems, such as safety and regulation. There are still some legal issues to be resolved and some research needed before autonomous vehicles can be deployed on a large scale. In order to stay on the ball in the face of the challenges at the developer level, car manufacturers are increasingly relying on partnerships with software companies in 2023.

Trend 2: Green Tech and sustainability

Sustainability is becoming relevant for all companies, for example in the context of supply chains. The green tech industry is also growing, especially in the area of ​​energy supply, where renewable energies, but also storage and grids are and will remain important topics.

In this context, smart grids are becoming increasingly important. Smart grids are intelligent electricity networks that enable electricity to be produced, distributed and used more efficiently. You can help make the energy supply safer, more reliable and more sustainable.

Smart grids are equipped with modern communication technologies and make it possible to monitor and control electricity production and consumption in real time. They support the integration of renewable energies into the power grid and can thus help to reduce dependence on fossil fuels.

In addition, the decentralized energy supply is becoming increasingly important. The aim is to produce energy where it is consumed instead of transporting it over long distances. In contrast to traditional energy supply systems, in which energy is produced by a few large, central power plants and distributed via the power grid, decentralized energy supply relies on many small, local energy producers. These include, for example, solar and wind power plants, biogas plants and small power plants.

Trend 3: Industry 4.0

IoT is playing an increasingly important role in Industry 4.0. Especially because it enables remote monitoring and thus predictive maintenance and ultimately the improvement of production processes, for example via digital twins and smart manufacturing.

In this context, companies will also use more and more industrial cloud platforms. These are cloud computing platforms that have been specially developed for the requirements of industry. They enable companies to host their data and applications in the cloud and use them from there.

Industrial cloud platforms offer many advantages. They improve the efficiency of companies by making it possible to centrally manage data and applications and make them accessible from anywhere. They also increase the flexibility and scalability of companies because they allow companies to use resources as needed.

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Whether Industry 4.0, e-mobility or green tech – in 2023 the trends will be of great importance for almost every company. However, implementing these trends is a challenge for many companies. That’s why many ask themselves the question: How does it work in practice? The answer is simple: with the right partner, how softeq. Because the experts at Softeq know how to set up smart tech projects in different industries.

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