Are people in the area vaccinated? The Covid report will tell you now

The Institute of Health Information and Statistics of the Czech Republic (ÚZIS), the communication platform Mobile Radio and the technology company MAMA AI now provide a new type of information related to the fight against the spread of coronavirus within the COVID report portal. Thanks to data from individual municipalities, it is now possible to find out how the individual vaccination areas are doing. All 6,250 Czech municipalities now have daily updated information on the vaccination of the population with COVID-19 vaccine at the ORP level.

An overview that is divided by municipalities with extended scope (ORP), but also includes voluntarily small villages, shows both the proportion of the population vaccinated with at least the first dose and the number of those who have fully completed the vaccination. In the text report it is then possible to find out how the whole region stands, in which the village is located, including a nationwide overview. The COVID report still contains important information and statistics on the course of the infection – ie new cases in total and in the risk group of citizens over 65 years of age and the so-called positivity rate in the national comparison.

How is your community currently doing?

Source: TZ

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