Looking for the best baby toys? Your child will really benefit from this

We went looking for the nicest toys that your little one can really enjoy the fastest.

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Those ieniemini fingers often can’t grasp more than your finger for the first few months. Babies can’t really play yet, but they can soon discover more. With the ‘Loopy Lemons’ silicone play rings from Konges Slojd your baby will soon enjoy themselves. They are easy to grip and they can bite and rattle. Also useful for attaching pacifiers or toys to, for example, the pram, playpen or baby gym.
– Made of 100% safe silicone
– Can be put in the dishwasher
– Easy to attach to anything

Yes, I want to shop these cute play rings

A regular toy topper is a ball, but a ‘normal’ ball can be a bit difficult for little hands to grip. This soft, lightweight silicone ‘Teether Ball Jasmin’ from Liewood therefore offers the perfect alternative. Just as easy to grip as the rings above, but also to roll and throw like a normal ball. Available in various beautiful colors and to match with all the other beautiful things from the collection of Liewood.
– Ø 9cm
– Sold per two pieces
– 100% silicone

I think a set of balls like this would be a good purchase

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The Fisher Price Stacking cups are a classic for a reason: you can do everything with them and you will enjoy them for a long time, because this colorful stacking tower offers entertainment from baby to toddler. Build a tower or make balls from the clickable semicircles. Build a higher tower of the balls again or create a matryoshka effect by hiding all the balls together. Stimulates the development and understanding of colours, insight, numbers, shapes, motor skills and hand-eye coordination.
– 10 cups and one rattle ball
– Also nice for the bath
– High Quality

This looks like a lot of fun for my little one

Toys that make noise… Not necessarily a favorite of many parents, but a single toy with bleeps and bloops, music and flashing lights should be possible, right? And for those who are in doubt: just wait until your little one is constantly using the regular remote control. ‘Baby’s First Remote’ by Vtech is perfect entertainment full of funny sounds, songs and beautiful lights. Your child will be introduced to letters, numbers and counting for the first time.
– Batteries included
– 2 play programs
– Light Effects

Yes, I want to buy this funny toy for my baby

old school blocks are always fun, but these light, soft foam ones from FromPauline in stylish colors and prints are already suitable for the little ones. Feeling it and biting it is fun, as is making a nice, tall tower when your baby is a little older. Good for mom and dad: the blocks don’t make any noise when they fall to the floor. Also fun to play with in the bath.
– Set of 12 blocks
– Block size: 5.4×5.4cm
– In cotton storage bag

These stylish blocks are something for my child

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