Glimble is Arriva’s new travel app for all of the Netherlands

Transport company Arriva has released a new app: Glimble. This application allows you to take advantage of a new travel platform. Plan, book and pay for your complete door-to-door journey with this application. But what can you do with it?


Public transportation travel apps come in many shapes and sizes. The most famous is the 9292 app, but Arriva now believes it can be done better; with the Glimble app. This app can be used for public transport in the Netherlands and makes it possible to plan your journey door-to-door. Different transport options can be combined to plan the trip that suits you. The Glimble app helps you while traveling with the travel assistant with step-by-step guidance.

According to Arriva, mobility can and must be done differently, and Glimble must contribute to this. In addition to traveling by public transport, you can also use the app for shared cars, shared scooters and shared bicycles. The platform is connected to services such as Felyx, GoSharing, OV-fiets and Arriva shared bicycle. The possibilities should be further expanded in the near future. Parking and charging an electric car is one of the upcoming functions.

You can plan your route throughout the Netherlands, even in areas where Arriva does not come. A handy feature of the application is that you can buy tickets directly for your entire journey, including for example metro, train and bus. Users of the app can add a photo at a stop, so that others can quickly recognize the stop. You can download the Glimble app from the Google Play Store via the button below.


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