To start the weekend, Apple has posted five new videos that are exclusively dedicated to the iPad Pro and more particularly to its use. Apple shows some examples.

The first video focuses on taking notes. Apple goes through the Notability app and shows the text written on the keyboard and then with the Apple Pencil. A function presented next is the possibility of converting handwritten text into text as if it had been typed. The addition of a drawing, a photo, the possibility of recording a sound and the search for its notes are other examples given.

] In the second video, Apple shows the Measurement app and two apps to imagine what new shelves and a new chair might look like with ARKit. The video ends with a purchase validated with Face ID.

The third video highlights the fact of digitizing everything. Here, the iPad Pro scans a document, can sign a letter with the Apple Pencil, draw with the Apple Pencil, edit text with the Apple Pencil on Microsoft Word and more.

In the fourth video, Apple uses its Keynote application to create a slideshow and shows the various features on offer.

Finally, the last video shows how to create your podcast. Apple puts forward a microphone that connects via the USB-C port, the Anchor application to record and the GarageBand application to create a generic.