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Travel app Polarsteps celebrates 1 million users and teast new functions


A personal favorite; that is the travel app Polarsteps. When traveling, you can keep and share a beautiful, interactive diary. Now there is much to report around Polarsteps.

Polarsteps in 2019

Travel app Polarsteps is an app from Dutch soil. With the application you can interactively track your trip and also share it with the rest of the world. Not only with text, but also with image and of course your route.

Polarsteps has now reached the numerator of 1 million registered users. In addition, the promoters have announced that it has won an investment of 3 million euros. This financial injection will mainly be used for the further development of the service.

Polarsteps is used in more than 180 countries and started in 2015. The 1 million users have traveled more than 52 million days together with the app, so is proudly announced. The company has also shared a heatmap with which places are most popular among Polarsteps users.

In a video the thank you. In addition, new functions will be highlighted that we can expect in the future. Although the developers do not let go much, we do see a few visuals. It becomes possible to plan a trip, for example adding places that you do not want to miss. It will also be possible to book an accommodation. The video shows that this is an accommodation that can be found on Booking, and that it can be paid directly via Apple Pay. What the plans are regarding Android is not entirely clear. But there is still plenty of news in the pipeline for the app.

Polarsteps – Travel Tracker


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