Apple manager sets out to attack

Apple is under pressure: The cult manufacturer has been targeted by the cartel watchdog. They are particularly bothered by the monopoly of the App Store. Apple itself rejects any guilt – and instead attacks the Android competition.

Who determines which apps end up on iPhone and iPads? For more than a decade, the answer has been: Apple. Compared to Android devices, regular iPhone and iPad owners have no way of getting apps outside of the App Store. This monopoly position has become a thorn in the side of cartel guards around the world. Apple itself knows that too and has now launched a PR offensive for its own business model.

Comparison with dark alley: Apple manager shoots against Android

“IOS is the platform from which users know that they cannot be set up or cheated in a dark alley”, said Erik Neuenschwander in an interview with Fast Companywho is responsible for protecting user data at Apple. Without directly naming the competition, it is clear who the comparison of the Apple manager is targeting: Android. According to Neuenschwander, it would even affect the users’ freedom of choice if the antitrust watchdogs force Apple to allow so-called sideloading – i.e. the installation of apps outside the App Store. There would already be other platforms for this. iOS, on the other hand, apparently the argument, is the only platform where users can play it safe.

The Apple Manager draws a big difference between iOS and macOS. The US group finally allows sideloading on the latter platform. But the cell phone is “the device that you always carry with you.” The possible dangers are greater because the device knows where you are and can also listen in via the microphone. This is how Neuenschwander explains Apple’s stricter approach to iOS.

In this video we show how to take screenshots correctly on iOS:

Legitimate arguments from Apple, but they are not entirely altruistic

Apple’s arguments really do have their hand and feet. Those who value sideloading can always use an Android device and enjoy the freedom there that they miss on iOS. So customers have a choice. Of course, the remarks made by the Apple manager are not unselfish. iPhone, iPad and Co. are Apple’s gold donkeys and generate billions in sales every year. The tightly controlled ecosystem is one of the strongest selling points, which is now coming under fire from the cartel guards – not to mention the sales in the App Store.

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