My patience with Apple is slowly running out

Microsoft has integrated many new features in Windows 11. For me as a macOS user, some of the functions shown are old hat and only cause a tired smile. Still, I’m jealous of one feature – and wonder how long I should wait for it. My patience is slowly coming to an end. A comment by Kaan G├╝rayer.

I’ve been a macOS user for 6 years and haven’t regretted my move for a single day. Of course there were also difficulties in the beginning, but after a short period of getting used to it, I learned to love macOS and only sit down with horror at a Windows PC. The Mac is nicer, more sophisticated, and easier to use. By saying goodbye to dusty Intel processors, Apple is probably years ahead of the competition. So everything is perfect in Mac-Land, all sunshine? Not quite. Because there is a feature of Windows that I have also been missing for 6 years: a decent window manager.

How long should I wait for this, Apple?

Apple and macOS window management: good, but not good enough

Every year at WWDC, I hope that Apple will finally take it easy and add sensible window management to macOS. Or even shorter: Simply copy everything that the window management in Windows can do. Above all, the practical snap function is meant here. Simply drag the window to the edge of the screen – and the windows align themselves as if by magic. Either in two parts in split view mode or even in four parts. Then each window occupies a quarter of the screen.

I know, I know: macOS has a very similar feature if you press and hold the green button in program windows. But similar is not the same, because this function creates a new space – a new desktop. If, on the other hand, you want to group the windows and stay in the same space, macOS users have to use third-party tools such as Magnet.

All the new features of Windows 11 in this one Video:

Windows 11 improves the window management again

And that only includes the functions that Windows 10 has on it. In Windows 11, Microsoft has once again significantly improved the window management. With “Snap Layouts”, the programs can be individually arranged in windows on the monitor and, thanks to “Snap Groups”, the system even remembers how the programs were distributed on an external monitor and automatically realigns them to their original state if you do Notebook infected again. A really great feature.

So, Apple: Better to copy well than badly made yourself! Windows has “stolen” so many of your macOS features over the years – you are welcome to return the favor and take over the window management from the competition.

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