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Apple iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro review (after three months)

Do you still like the iPhone 14 (Pro) after three months of use? Find out that and more in our iPhone 14 video review!

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iPhone 14 (Pro) review: after three months

We were already quite clear about it in our iPhone 14 review: the iPhone 14 Pro (and iPhone 14 Pro Max) is the device you must have. The iPhone 14 (and iPhone 14 Plus) is nothing wrong with it, but exciting is different.

Do we have a different opinion after three months of use? Watch our iPhone 14 (Pro) video for that! We still think the iPhone 14 Pro models are the ones to buy if you want a new iPhone now.

You can watch the video below.

iPhone 14 (Pro) in brief

In September, four new iPhones were released. What immediately stands out: with the iPhone 14 Pro (Max), the notch has disappeared and has made way for the Dynamic Island.

The camera on the back has also become a lot bigger with the iPhone 14 Pro (Max). It is now even possible to shoot photos in 48 MP. In addition, Apple uses ‘pixel binning’. Joins four pixels of the photos together. By merging the pixels, your photos are of high quality even in low light.

iPhone 14 Pro camera

Much has remained the same with the iPhone 14 (Plus). Apple has made a few improvements and given the device some new functions, but if you already have an iPhone 13, you better wait until the iPhone 15.

Buy iPhone 14 (Pro).

Are you planning to buy an iPhone 14 (Pro) after watching our iPhone 14 (Pro) video? Then check out our iPhone 14 price comparison and iPhone 14 Pro price comparison to score the best deal.

Compare Apple iPhone 14 Pro prices

Compare Apple iPhone 14 prices

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