Apple finally gives clarity: this is what the AirTag updates are for

Apple finally gives clarity: this is what the AirTag updates are for

Apple recently released two firmware updates for the AirTag. Are you curious about the content of these AirTag updates? Apple finally gives clarity.

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Two firmware updates for the AirTag

Apple released two firmware updates for the AirTag since November, but never gave details about the exact content of these updates. That has now changed: Apple has finally made it clear what both updates are for. Read the details about the content of the AirTag updates here!

First AirTag update: Stalk prevention

The first update released in November is intended to prevent the AirTag from being used to stalk someone. After all, you can easily put an AirTag in someone’s bag unnoticed and continue to track someone’s location.

So the first firmware update should prevent this from happening. After this update, your iPhone will warn you if an unknown AirTag moves with you. If the iPhone detects an unknown AirTag, it’s done Exactlysion Finding possible to quickly locate the AirTag. The AirTag then makes a sound and can be switched off with the iPhone.

Second AirTag update: Fixed speedometer issue

The second AirTag update fixed a minor issue with the AirTag’s speedometer. A bug prevented the speedometer in the AirTag from activating in some cases. This way, the iPhone couldn’t detect an AirTag if it moved with a person.

This update is also basically intended to prevent stalking with AirTags. Now that the speedometer is working again, it is possible for the iPhone to detect and disable unknown AirTags. So Apple has mainly improved security with the recently released AirTag updates.

Install AirTag update: this is how you do it

You don’t actually have to do anything to install the AirTag update. It is important that your iPhone has the latest version of iOS, iOS 16.2 was recently released by Apple. Then, to perform the update, make sure the AirTag is near your iPhone.

It is not possible to force the AirTag update. So you just have to be patient until the latest firmware is downloaded. The most important thing is that the AirTag is linked to your iPhone. Earlier we explained how to connect your AirTag to your iPhone and how you can see if your AirTag is updated.

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The AirTag is a very useful tool to find things. Last summer, many travelers put an AirTag in their suitcase so that they could easily find their luggage. And not only that: the AirTag is now also used to track down cars and bicycles. Bee iPhoned we already made a video about the AirTag:

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