Apple deals for Black Friday: all offers in a row

The day has come: it is officially Black Friday 2021. You will benefit from very low prices and great offers in the coming days. In this article, we’ve listed the best Apple deals for you.

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Black Friday Apple offers: check the complete overview

Today is the day that almost all stores and web shops have been working towards. Black Friday has officially started today. Many stores had started rolling out deals (again) earlier this year, but today is really the day to act! In this article we have listed the best Apple deals for you.

If you’re looking for a new iPhone, iPad, or any other device with a bite-sized apple – you’ll find it here! We have listed the best offers for you per product category. So you are just one click away from the ideal offer.

The best Black Friday iPhone deals

There are offers ready for the relevant iPhones of the moment. So are you looking for a separate device like the iPhone 13, iPhone 12, iPhone SE or the iPhone 11 that is still popular? Check out the deals below:

The best Black Friday iPhones subscription deals

Do you prefer your new iPhone with a subscription? Then we have highlighted the bundle deals of providers for you below. This way you not only have a deal with a new iPhone, but also minutes, text messages and data. Check out different deals for the iPhone 11, iPhone 12 and iPhone 13:

The best Black Friday refurbished offers

Are you looking for an iPhone offer but would you rather make a sustainable choice? Then various shops have deals ready for you with refurbished devices. The iPhones we have selected are all in as good as new condition. Check them out below:

The best Black Friday sim only offers

Don’t need a new device but are looking around for a better bundle? Maybe you have too little data (or too much). Then you can take a look at the sim only deals below and maybe save some money:

  • Vodafone: no connection costs and up to €5 discount pm
  • T-Mobile: no connection costs and up to €12.50 discount pm
  • €35 return with discount code BFSO35 and no connection costs
  • Call simple: Belsimpel voucher worth €50 and Sony earplugs worth €99 gift
  • Ben: no connection costs and up to €3 discount pm
  • youfone: 3 double dates and no connection costs
  • Easy: up to 4GB extra per month with 2-year subscription
  • SimYo: no connection costs and up to 6GB free pm
  • Lebara: first 6 months 50% discount with 2-year subscription
  • Dutch new: no connection costs and up to 6GB free pm

The best Black Friday MacBook deals

Do you work with a Macbook or do you use one at home? Or are you ready to switch to MacOS? Then today you can take advantage of one of the offers below for the Macbook Pro or the Macbook Air:

The best Black Friday iPad deals

The iPad Mini, iPad Air and the iPad Pro; which one do you prefer? Below we’ve highlighted deals for these three categories of iPads. Check them out below to see how much advantage you can take:

The best Black Friday iMac deals

Would you rather work at a desk and not have to go up and down with your Macbook? Then an iMac is the ideal option. Especially because you can see more at the same time on the larger screen. Check out the best deals for an iMac below:

The best Black Friday Apple watch deals

For some a mini iPhone on their wrist and for others a style icon. There are deals for the Apple Watches for both groups. If you’re looking for an affordable Apple Watch Series 7, 6, 3, or SE, the deals below might interest you:

The best Black Friday smart home deals

If you are in the process of smartening your home or have yet to start, now is a good time. Below we’ve rounded up several deals for the Google Nest, robot vacuums, video doorbells, smart lights, and smart thermostats. See which ones can make your home smarter:

  • Google Nest Hub 2-pack: by €199.98 for €99.95 – at tink
  • Google Nest mini: by €59.99 for €24.99 – at Albert Heijn
  • eufy RoboVac G30 robotic vacuum cleaner: by €299.99 for €199.99 – at Amazon
  • Ring video doorbell: by €57.99 for €39.00 – at BCC
  • Hombli Smart Doorbell 2 Package: by €194.80 for €109,95 – at tink
  • Philips Hue Light Strip: by €104.99 for €59.99 – at MediaMarkt
  • Anker Eufy Video Doorbell 2K + Base Station: by €199.00 for €149.00 – at Expert
  • tado smart thermostat starter kit: by €449.98 for €219.00 – at tink
  • Bold Smart Lock: by €199.00 for €149.00 – at tink

The best Black Friday speaker deals

If you often listen to the radio or podcasts or simply connect them to your TV, you can take advantage of one of the deals below on speakers and soundbars:

  • Google Nest Audio 2-pack: by €149.00 for €99.00 – at MediaMarkt
  • Sonos One: by €229.00 for €213.00 – at
  • Sonos Roam: by €199.00 for €169.00 – at Expert
  • Google Nest Audio: by €99.95 for €59.00 – at
  • JBL Go 3: by €39.99 for €29.99 – at JBL
  • Teufel RADIO 3SIXTY: by €349.99 for €289.99 – at Teufel
  • Teufel Ultima 40: by €499.99 for €349.99 – at Teufel
  • Razer Nommo 2.0 gaming speakers: by €109.00 for €74.89 – at
  • Harman Kardon Citation ONE duo pack: by €349.00 for €279.00 – at MediaMarkt
  • LG DSP2 Soundbar with Subwoofer: by €99.95 for €69.00 – at MediaMarkt

The best Black Friday AirPods and headphone deals

Do you prefer to listen alone or are you often outside? Then AirPods and headphones are a good option to listen to your audiobook or other content. Check out the deals below:

The best Black Friday VPN deals

You may not be looking for a new device this year. Then it is interesting to see whether your iPhone and other Apple equipment is safe and anonymous. If not, you can consider taking out a VPN service. Check out the deals from different brands below:

The best Black Friday Apple accessory deals

Your iPhone never really feels complete without accessories. You can choose from, for example, covers that give your iPhone a personal look or something functional such as a telephone stand. Check out the deals below for accessories:

  • IDEAL OF SWEDEN: 50% discount on everything + when you spend €69 again 20% extra discount
  • 60% discount on selected items + 20% (extra) discount on everything with discount code BLACKFRIDAY – November 22 to 29
  • up to 50% discount on the best brands + a free screen protector when you spend €30 – November 22 to 29
  • Apple sleeve: 20% discount BLAPPEL (excluding Apple, mStand, Matias brands) – November 26-29
  • GSMPoint: discount on selected product groups + a unique deal every day suitable for every smartphone – November 22 to 28
  • bang deals: up to 40% discount on smartphone gadgets

The prices of the above products have been submitted to us prematurely by the partner. The partner may make adjustments to this during the actual Black Friday period. We therefore do our best to anticipate this as soon as possible, to show you the right deal.

All products recommended in this article have been selected by the editors of iPhoned without commercial influence. These products can be referenced with an affiliate link. If you buy something through this link, iPhoned may receive a commission. Knowing more? View our editorial statute.

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