Apple and Xiaomi lead the wearable electronics market

The market for wearable electronics is wide, but it certainly does not have, for example, the one with smartphones. Those who are one of the leading manufacturers of mobile phones are currently also leading the market with smart devices that we carry (not only) on our wrists. It’s about Apple and another, “Chinese Apple”, known as Xiaomi. The information was transmitted by the Phone Arena web portal.

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Apple is an old well-known manufacturer that holds the lead

The American giant Apple is famous not only for its phones. Its wearable electronics, which consist of an Apple Watch and Apple AirPods wireless headphones, are also of high quality. In the last quarter, this legendary company managed to sell 55.6 million devices from the wearable electronics segment. This was a year-on-year increase of 27.2%.

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In 2019, the share of sales of headphones and watches, respectively, was the same in the case of Apple. This indicates that interest in these small devices is indeed growing. Sales of Apple Watches rose by up to 45.6% year on year. This will also be due to the fact that the company has already introduced three models with different prices, so that more users can come up with their own.

Xiaomi took a great second place in the wearable electronics section

Despite declining shipments of the affordable Xiaomi Mi Band 4 in the fourth quarter of 2020, Xiaomi saw a small increase in headphone shipments. With twice the number of products on the market, compared to 2019, the Chinese manufacturer sees a 5% increase in wireless headphone sales. From October to December 2020, Xiaomi sold 13.5 million wearable electronics with a market share of 8.8%.

sales of wearable electronics
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Thanks to the excellent price-performance ratio of these products, Xiaomi ranked second, far behind Apple, but quite close to Samsung. Year-on-year, the Chinese giant supplied 20.5% more bracelets, watches and headphones, but on the other hand, there is also a small decrease in market share by 0.5%. It is therefore still possible to enjoy a total share of 8.5%.

wearable electronics sales
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Finally, another Chinese manufacturer – Huawei – is also worth mentioning. It recorded a year-on-year increase of 7.6% during the last quarter of last year. During these three months, the company managed to sell 10.2 million pieces of wearable electronics.

Do you use a watch, smart bracelet or wireless headphones? What models are involved? Do you think that wearable electronics has a more significant future in the technological world? You can write your opinion in the comments.

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