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Android attackers are everywhere! These 6 hacks protect you from unauthorized access

Android smartphones are found everywhere, holding an overwhelming global market share of 86.2%. Not surprisingly, so much global adoption is making smartphones a frequent target for all sorts of criminal activity, from spyware to ransomware to Trojans.

The best way to protect your Android device from damage is to invest in a world-class antivirus software package. These professionally designed systems have extensive databases that are updated frequently to give you the edge over cyber criminals when it comes to new viruses that attack your system.

But even the best antivirus software can not handle the battle between Android and the hackers out there trying to steal your data and infect your system. Therefore, you must do your part to ensure that your Android smartphone is safe and well protected at all times. Hackers and cybercriminals thrive thanks to lazy users who do not perform the most elemental tasks to keep their devices safe and secure. Follow these six tips to avoid worrying about your Android getting infected.

. 1 Always up to date:

It may seem like a nuisance to turn on your Android smartphone and search for firmware and install software patches. However, this is not just for demonstration or to further infiltrate your life; 9 times out of 10, these are patches that are specifically inserted into the code to block new forms of malware or loopholes in the code that could be exploited. Regardless of what’s more important at the time, make sure you agree to all updates when you see them.

. 2 Remove installations that you have not done yourself:

If a download bar appears and you know you did not initiate it, just do not assume it’s something you wanted. Malware creators believe that people will simply assume that they touched a key at the beginning of the installation. But that’s the weakness that malware developers exploit when what they actually install might actually be spyware. Make sure every install on your Android is one you initiated.

. 3 Safely Lock Your Smartphone:

If you’re the guy who unlocks your phone so you can quickly check email or messages from friends, you’re literally begging for your phone to be stolen and your data to be captured. You can create a six-digit code that will lock the smartphone anytime, without interruption, even for five seconds. You should also try to avoid smart apps that unlock your phone so it can continue to work properly. A professional hacker can use this technique to fully unlock your phone in minutes.

. 4 Activate “Find my device”:

If your Android smartphone is lost, you can use this feature to track it through its internal GPS. If it is still in the building, you can play sounds to locate it by ear. If someone managed to crack it, you can lock it to prevent anyone from stealing your data.

. 5 Integrate a password manager:

The worst thing you can do on your Android device is to use the same password for each app. If a hacker cracks the password for an app, he suddenly has full access to everything. The password manager can encrypt your passwords to keep them safe.

. 6 Use a virtual private network (VPN) to surf the Internet:

A VPN encrypts everything you send to the Internet and receives from the Internet, and gives you a different IP address to make sure you do not pick up unwanted visitors while surfing.

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