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Netflix tightens thumbscrews for password and account sharing

Something is definitely going to change at Netflix. The streaming service was previously in the news about the fact that sharing your account is being restricted. More information has now been provided about this when sharing the new quarterly figures.

Pay for sharing your Netflix account

It has been clear for some time that streaming service Netflix wants to take action against users who share their account with people outside their own family. In several countries, a test is being done with the legal sharing of your account, at an additional cost. Those with a Standard or Premium subscription to the video service can add two profiles with whom they do not live. Each then has its own profile, with its own personal recommendations, a login and a password.

Netflix says that they want to expand the countries in which you can share your account for a fee in the first quarter. Netflix says the following about this; “While our terms of service limited use of Netflix to one household, we recognize that there are members who share their accounts more widely,… As we roll out paid sharing, members in many countries will also have the option to pay extra if they use their Netflix subscriptions. want to share an account with people they don’t live with.”

Netflix expects the number of subscribers to fall with this measure, but to recover later. This is also the experience that the streaming service has with the test in Latin America. An exact date on which the expansion of countries will arrive is not yet available, but since Q1 2023 is being discussed, it seems that the additional payment will be made in April. Earlier, some information surfaced about how Netflix wants to check this.

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