Android 12 introduces chameleon-like user interface

Image via Ron Amadeo

The Android 12 operating system will introduce a chameleon-like user interface that looks really cool!

Google launched Android 12 in Beta version 2 this week. It works with many features that we previously only saw on screenshots. A notable new feature is the chameleon-like user interface. This is an ambitious new feature within the operating system, which allows the interface to change color from time to time. The feature is now being tested under the name ‘Monet’.

Chameleon-like UI in Android 12

‘Monet’ probably comes from the painter who uses many colours. Google also calls it “Material You.” The feature will recolor your phone’s UI with a matching theme based on your wallpaper. For example, you can choose a background that is mainly red. Android 12 then changes the buttons, sliders, clock, notifications and settings background to matching shades.

Ars Technica goes on to explain that if you pick a single hue for your wallpaper, Android will then generate a few colors by adjusting brightness and saturation. Pick a greenish background and you’ll get a bright green, a dark green, an unsaturated green, and an almost white-green that spreads across most of the UI completely automatically.

Image via Ron Amadeo

Color Schemes

Apparently Google has already come so far that it not only works in a technical demo, but that it is also actually incorporated into a code.

Of course, the company had been working on different color schemes and how to integrate them for some time. In Android 5, we had Lollipop and the ‘Palette’ API in 2014. So now Google is coming up with the second generation of this idea and they’re so confident that it’s now in beta. So, you can customize every part of the Android 12 system user interface in this version. Except for the permanent black background for quick settings.

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