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Koch Media has created the label Prime Matter, which is to focus primarily on the biggest and potentially most successful games. And today’s presentation will focus on news from the portfolio of this label. Našince can be pleased that we already know in advance about at least two Czech titles that may appear today and which fall under the Prime Matter label – RPG Kingdom Come, which will now focus on Switch, and the action RPG Last Oricru, about which we have already informed more yesterday.

Final Form

The basic idea of ​​the title under the working title Final Form is interesting: “The body you receive for this mission is dispensable, only the state of mind will be saved.” Final Form will be a sci-fi first person shooter in which players either alone or in a party up to three others will take on the role of a humanoid robot on a mission to destroy an unknown infection threatening the last remnants of real life.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

You could learn most of what was said about Kingdom Come from us yesterday, but a small reminder won’t hurt. Tobias Stolz-Zwilling from Warhorse Studios described the curious origin of the version for Nintendo Switch, which arose from the incorrect classification of the title. Subsequent responses from players and the community eventually made the mistake a reality. At the moment, unfortunately, not only Czech fans will be disappointed by the statement that they cannot yet reveal what the creators are working on next, however, the merch games will be complemented by a Farkle board based on a dice mini-game.

Scars Above

A trailer for the sci-fi third person event Scars Above was presented with great pomp as part of the stream. In it, the main heroine named Kate, a member of the Scar team, finds herself on a strange and extremely hostile planet full of dangerous and insidious animals due to an unknown artifact. The fights in this case are complemented by adventure elements and terrain exploration. The demonstration and the subsequent interview showed that the heroine was orphaned in a mysterious landscape, and moreover, some time had probably passed. So in addition to survival, it will be necessary to find out what actually happened, but the catch is primarily that Kate played the role of a scientist in her team of astronauts, not a warrior.


The isometric sci-fi RPG Encased, which underwent a Kickstarter campaign and preliminary Steam access, has now landed on the Prime Matter label and promises to be released in the fall of 2021. We will return to the game by 1976, but into the world of alternative and post-apocalyptic , where everything revolves around the Dome, which hides all sorts of fascinating technologies. The trailer in the form of CRONUS’s recruitment video also introduces the fields that players can deal with. The title draws inspiration from classics such as Baldur’s Gate, Fallout or Divinity: Original Sin, to which it also pays tribute. Encased will offer an extensive system of various skills that will allow players to direct their character and the game itself in the direction they want. We can look forward to all the traditional RPG elements, discovery, crafting, our own decisions, in short, everything that will enable survival even in combat.

King’s Bounty II

The upcoming King’s Bounty II showed a new trailer, reminiscent of the release date of August 24, 2021. As we know from earlier, the creators have decided on a number of innovations and expand the RPG experience itself, but of course typical turn-based battles are not missing. And there will definitely be something to fight, because the world of Nostria is plagued by riots that need to be stopped and order restored, both on the battlefields and battlefields, but also in the kingdom itself. All this is to support a strong interactive story with a number of important decisions and choices.


The Brazilian team Massive Work Studio within the Koch Primetime stream recalled its action RPG Dolmen, about which we had the opportunity to hear for the first time a few years ago. Now, however, with plans to release Massive Work Studio and Prime Matter announcing the announcement of the partnership announcement, we’re learning that Dolmen will be coming next year on both the coexisting generations of Xbox and PlayStation consoles and on the PC. The title, inspired by the horrors of Howard Phillips Lovecraft, is a representative of the third person genre of action RPGs and will take players to the far reaches of space, where they will search for a mysterious crystal called Dolmen.


After a short introductory presentation, there was a short interview about the Painkiller event, however, unfortunately no nutritional details were received, nor did a demonstration. Geoff Keighley’s interview showed that the development is still at a very early stage. But we know that the developers want to build on the legacy of the original games, so we can certainly look forward to a relentless action against hordes of angry demons.

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