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Android 11 for OnePlus 8 (Pro) reaches the Netherlands

Are you waiting for the Android 11 update for the OnePlus 8 or 8 Pro? Then we have good news, because the new software can now be downloaded directly in the Netherlands. We show you how to download the upgrade.

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Android 11 for OnePlus 8 (Pro) in the Netherlands

From now on, Android 11 will roll out via a so-called ota update for the OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro. Such an update stands for over the air and that means that the software can be downloaded and installed directly on your device.

The update rolls out in phases, so it may take a while before you see it too. To check whether the update is already available for your device, follow the steps below.

  1. Grab your OnePlus 8 (Pro)

    Open the settings;

  2. Scroll to ‘System’

    Click on this;

  3. Tap on ‘System updates’

    Let your device check for updates.

The update (for the OnePlus 8 Pro) is 2925MB in size, so downloading via a stable WiFi connection is recommended. After installation, you can use your phone again as usual, but you can use all Android 11 options and gadgets that OnePlus has added to it.

Your data will be retained with an OTTA update, but of course always make sure that you have a good backup of your data. Android 11 was previously installed on the 8 series via the Oxygen Updater app or manually flash of it. However, installing new software via an ota update is the most common and easy way.

New in Android 11 and OxygenOS 11

OnePlus puts a layer over Android 11: OxygenOS 11. That shell is known for the few adjustments that have been made to it. The new variant is mainly adapted in terms of appearance, making it a lot less like OxygenOS as you are used to. Read our opinion piece that we published earlier about this.

The goal of the manufacturer is to operate devices with this software better with one hand. In addition, other adjustments have been made. For example, you can finally use an always on display and always see the time, notifications or the date.

The OnePlus 8T already came with Android 11 as standard and in our 8T review we also discuss the new software. Also watch the video below, in which we update you about the smartphone in a few minutes.

Finally, keep an eye on Android Planet for more OnePlus news. For example, a comparison between Android 10 and Android 11 on the OnePlus 8 Pro will soon be published, along with our findings.

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