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pay through Apple Pay on Android

Stocard is a well-known application for managing your loyalty cards. There is now a new function available in the Netherlands; Stocard Pay. It even lets you use Apple Pay on your Android device. How exactly does this work?

Stocard Pay in Netherlands

Stocard Pay can now be used in the Netherlands. The application is a handy application for managing your loyalty cards, which can all be stored in your account. You will also find various offers there. With Stocard Pay you now have a handy function in the app.

You can pay contactless via Stocard Pay; where the service acts as a digital wallet. To pay, Apple Pay is used, just on your Android device. The service was previously available in the United Kingdom; now also in the Netherlands, Germany, France and Italy. Along with contactless payment, you can also take advantage of any offers. Because Stocard Pay works as a digital wallet, it must contain money. You can transfer money manually via your credit card or account number. Optionally, you can set that when there is only a low amount in the account, it is automatically topped up.

There are no additional costs for contactless payment via Stocard Pay. It also does not matter in which currency you do this. To use Stocard Pay, your device must have NFC. You must log in with your Stocard account, which is free. There are a limited number of free accounts available with which you can use Stocard Pay.

Stocard - Loyalty Cards App
Stocard - Loyalty Cards App

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