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Amazon sells mesh WiFi repeaters much cheaper

If you have problems with your WLAN and own a Fritzbox, then you can easily improve your network. Amazon currently has the right hardware for this, which solves all your reception problems with just the push of a button.

Amazon sells mesh WiFi repeaters from AVM cheaper

A modern Fritzbox already generates a good WLAN. But there are often many sources of interference that permanently degrade the WLAN signal and thus cause unnecessary problems when surfing the net with a laptop, smartphone or tablet. Especially if you want to bridge long distances, then you basically can’t do it without a repeater. Amazon is currently selling the “Mesh Repeater 600” for only 29.99 euros (view at Amazon).

The WLAN repeater is plugged directly into the socket and set up via WPS. To do this, press the WPS button on the new WLAN repeater and then the WPS button on your Fritzbox. That’s it. After a few minutes, the WLAN is expanded. Since the mesh technology is used here, you have not created a second WLAN, but move seamlessly in an enlarged WLAN. Small restriction: The cheap repeater still uses the 802.11b standard with 2.4 GHz and a maximum of 600 MBit/s.

This is how you get everything out of your Fritzbox:

More powerful wifi repeater also on sale

Do you have a brand new Fritzbox that supports Wi-Fi 6, you can at Amazon buy the “Repeater 1200 AX” from AVM for 77.99 euros (look at Amazon). This is also the best price on the web. Thanks to state-of-the-art technologies, the WiFi signal is even better.

I speak from my own experience. With just one correctly placed WiFi repeater from AVM, I improved my WiFi signal from the living room, which hardly got through in the study, so much that I not only have perfect WiFi reception throughout the apartment, but also in most of the garden. The investment has paid off extremely well. If you have a lot more area to cover, you can also use several devices.

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