Winter is a challenging time for all Germans. Due to the increased energy costs, less heating is required and the risk of mold in the living areas increases. To reduce the risk, you should buy a thermo-hygrometer. Aldi Süd and Nord offer these in a pack of three at a particularly reasonable price.

Aldi sells thermo-hygrometers for 8.99 euros

High gas prices this winter mean many people are heating much less to save money. The federal government has decided that a minimum temperature no longer has to be reached in apartments and houses in order to avoid damage caused by mould. For the sake of the structure of the house and your health, you should still make sure that the humidity in the rooms does not get too high and mold can form on the walls. You should use a thermo-hygrometer for this. These show the humidity in the room. From January 16, Aldi Süd will be selling them in a pack of three for just EUR 8.99 in its branches. There are also three at Aldi Nord, but they cost 9.99 euros there.

Aldi Süd sells hygrometers for 8.99 euros in a pack of three. (Image source: Aldi Süd)

You simply place a thermo-hygrometer in every room of the apartment or house and not only see the current temperature, but also the humidity. A smiley shows whether the humidity is too high. Then you should ventilate properly. The walls do not cool down by briefly airing them out and only the air is exchanged. In the end, no mold can form on your walls, even if you don’t heat as much.

How to save when shopping:

Alternatives are significantly more expensive

Thermo-hygrometers are currently particularly popular because many people want to have a better view of the humidity in rooms. Aldi Süd only charges 8.99 euros for three devices. At Amazon you have to pay more than 10 euros for a good model (look at Amazon). In a pack of three, it is even more expensive (see Amazon). It is not known how exactly the Aldi thermo-hygrometers measure. But it is clear that you can see better when you have to ventilate. And the 10 euros are a good investment.