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Alcatel 1T 10 is a new child-friendly tablet for around 100 euros

TCL, manufacturer of Alcatel products, among other things, has announced a new tablet. It is the Alcatel 1T 10, which is characterized by a child-friendly operation.

Alcatel 1T 10 tablet

A new tablet has been launched, especially for children. With a price of around 100 euros, it is also very affordable. The model comes on the market with 16GB and 32GB of memory, so it is also more suitable for those who do not have high demands for a tablet, ie children. As the name implies, there is a 10 inch screen with HD resolution.

Thanks to the special Kids Mode, parents can set different limits for the use of the tablet. You can then set which apps and websites may be visited via the smartphone. Handy if your child has to do homework, so that it is not distracted. Both tablets are WiFi versions and come with Android 10 Go. This is the modified version of Android, intended for devices with less powerful hardware.

The price of the 16GB 1T tablet comes to 99.99 euros. For 119.99 euros you have the Alcatel 1T 10 tablet. In both cases the memory can be expanded with a memory card. You can buy the tablet directly at The other version will be released next week.

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