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Digital Wellbeing gets ‘Heads Up’ function that prevents you from running into a lamp post

Google is working on a new feature for the Digital Wellbeing tool on Android. The new ‘Heads Up’ option should prevent you from bumping into a lamppost while working on your phone.

Digital Wellbeing with Heads Up

A new feature called ‘Heads Up’ is coming to Digital Wellbeing, also known as Digital Wellbeing. The feature was discovered in the code of the latest beta version of the app. The function should help to pay attention while walking.

If you walk while working with your phone, you will get a message to pay attention. It is also made clear that Heads Up is not a substitute for keeping your eyes open. By the way, users can turn the function on or off themselves. It is unknown when the function is available to everyone.

Digital wellbeing
Digital wellbeing

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