9x houseplants that make you happy (and that are also safe for children and animals)

Banana plant

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Nice and tropical and suits any interior. Tip: give it enough water (on average twice a week), because the soil must always feel moist due to the large leaves. Order it here

Pancake plant

Not only is the name nice, it also looks very cozy. The plant prefers a light spot (but not directly in the sun) and only needs water once a week. Do you want it to grow straight? Then turn it to the light every now and then. Order it here

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Golden palm

This plant is also best placed in a light spot, but not in direct sunlight: the leaves will discolour. Watering once a week is sufficient in winter and twice a week in summer. By the way, don’t throw a whole watering can over it right away: this plant tolerates small amounts regularly. Order it here

Curly fern

This is a strong plant that can survive even in a dark corner. And it can even withstand the warm and dry air from the heating. Order it here

Calathea Rufibarba

How nice: the leaves of this plant close at night and open again during the day when the light shines into the room. In addition, it is highly air-purifying, so you can enjoy clean air in your home all day long. Order it here

Pineapple plant

Also such a tropical surprise. You can’t eat this pineapple plant, but it does add cosiness, color and fragrance to your home. And does your partner snore? Place this ‘anti-snoring plant’ on the bedside table and it will no longer bother you. Really. Order it here


This houseplant is also called the elephant’s foot. It grows slowly but steadily and can take a beating: ideal with children running around the house. The plant needs little water, so make sure the trunk does not feel mushy. Order it here


Looking for a beautiful hanging plant that will surprise you? Then you should go for the Aeschynanthus. At first glance it looks like a simple cutting, but if you take good care of it (regularly give it small amounts of water and put it in a warm, light place between 15 and 21 degrees), red flowers that look like lipstick appear. Not surprising that it is also called the lipstick plant. Order it here

Olive tree

An olive tree is really not only suitable for outside: it also works great in a sunny spot in front of the window in your house. Make sure that the soil in which the tree is located is always slightly moist. Olive trees don’t grow that fast, but with a little luck they will last for years. Order it here

What should you do if your child has eaten a poisonous plant?

– try to stay calm
– remove the plant residues from your child’s mouth
– rinse his mouth with water
– give a few sips of water to drink
– call the Poison Control Center. Try to give a doctor as much information as possible: name of the plant or describe the plant, tell how your child came into contact with it, what symptoms he shows and how much time has passed between the intake and your bell.

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