9 games that redefine brutality

These games are not for the faint-hearted. If you are still hungry, you should only feed it AFTER viewing this series of pictures … if you can.

This series of pictures should not be about whether violence is a justified stylistic device for video games. You can find our own article on this with the title “Call of Duty, Doom and Trump: How bloody can video games be?” Comic-like depictions of violence make it their trademark.

At Doom only one question arises: “How much demon goulash can you make in a very short time using a shotgun and some ammunition?” Each player has to find the answer himself.

Take cover and shoot your enemies for 75 achievements.

… where is the Sliced are: The Space Marines Lancer from Gears of War is a very special weapon. With it you can either sift through the opposing Locust from a safe distance or chop them up at close range. What a better weapon than a damn one CHAINSAW ASSEMBLY RIFLE !!?

To build on the question from earlier: one Cat revolver maybe? Or a pigeon cage? It’s no wonder that some Postal parts landed on the index in the past. After all, the only goal of your game is to use the most absurd weapons in video game history to cause death and destruction in a small town. What do you expect from a studio that goes by the name “Running with Scissors” acted? Is that tasteless or hilarious?

If you’re surprised to find the Mortal Kombat franchise on this list, that’s really, very surprising. Hardly any game has provided for so long so much controversy about the oh so bad killer games that your ears could bleed. In Mortal Kombat, however, a lot more bleeds. You will regularly be demonstrated how many small parts a human being can be broken down into. The fatality moves are particularly imaginative. When the iconic command “Finish Him!” sounds, there is no more mercy in the dojo …

The X-Ray kill camera shows you again detailed shots.  You can also deactivate the setting in the menu.

Sniper Elite has dealt with his X ray kill camera deserves a place on this list. In slow motion you can see here in great detail which bones and organs you destroyed with the projectile of your rifle. This view is accompanied by a symphony of slobbering splash noises. Delicious!

In Wolfenstein: The New Colossus you are – as in the previous parts – in the role of Resistance fighter BJ Blazkowicz. As a part-time job, you try your hand at interior design by coloring several corridors, rooms and gardens romantically red with the blood of various regime soldiers. Of course, blown heads and severed body parts should not be missing. The shotgun in particular is ideally suited to Making human mus …

Boredom in school is ubiquitous. However, if you had access to one of these ancient boxes – which were actually called “computers” – you could sweeten your free time with the huge selection of browser games that were available on dozens of pages. Happy Wheels has always been a favorite. A brutal platformer that never got a dry eye due to the hilarious in-game physics. The spiritual 3D successor “Guts and Glory” is also available on Steam.

With the Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System (short VATS) you can choose exactly which body part of your opponent you want to distribute over the ground in the Fallout series. Especially with stronger weapons, the damage – and thus the splatter effect – is enormous.

The death sequences in Dead Space send a shiver down your spine. When an alien dismembers the body of the protagonist Isaac or even attacks it like a parasite, some players look away the first time. Especially in Dead Space 2, in the scene with the laser and the eye …

The list of absurdly brutal video games could be can still be continued indefinitely. Many horror games combine bloody depictions of violence with a grueling atmosphere of psychological terror that brings many players to their knees. If you missed these games in the list, take a look at our photo gallery with the best horror games. After all, we have to draw a line somewhere. Here he is: ___

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