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9 at 9: New Android apps in the Play Store (week 51/20)

Has your wish list been completely processed or do you still have a little space for a few new and free Android apps and games? The Play Store has some new products to offer again this week, which are definitely worth a closer look.

Marvel world of superheroes

A vicious, alternative world has become even more chaotic and is sinking into war. Build up heroes from the Marvel Universe and use them in 3 vs 3 battles. In the arena you can also fight with 3 teams of 2 characters. In addition, there are the modes onslaught and fortress, in which you and a team have to stop attacking waves.

Price 0.00 EUR

(15187) – ∅: 3.9

Zombeast: Survival Zombie Shooter

In a world full of zombies, challenging campaigns offer you a lot of fun. Offline you have to use your skills in this shooter to stay alive. A whole arsenal of weapons is available to you for this, ranging from simple pistols to bombs. The zombies are not all the same and, in addition to their different looks, they also have different skills.

Price 0.00 EUR

(10828) – ∅: 4.7

Iceland War

Of course, as a good Viking, you know what Ragnarok means. In this game, the world consists only of islands that you can attack with your own army. Another player and his army sit on such an island. In addition to troop strength, the right formation is also crucial for the outcome of the battle.

Price 0.00 EUR

(3731) – ∅: 4.5

Gladiator: Hero of the Arena

Gladiator fights 2000 years ago were a great spectacle and probably comparable to a football game of today. In this new game you find yourself in the arena and face other gladiators. As in the past, you have various weapons at your disposal today.

Price 0.00 EUR

(877) – ∅: 4.5

travel check

Corona has had a firm grip on us for months. At the moment, travel is only possible to a very limited extent or not at all, but this should change again the next time it is relaxed. This new app tells you whether you can travel, when you can travel and where you can travel. The risk areas with data from the RKI are displayed to you on a daily basis.

Price 0.00 EUR

(0) – ∅:

Barista Life

Even if it can get hectic in this game, it is more of a representative of the quieter kind. There are no fights. Instead, you need to make your customers happy and provide them with goodies. Use various ingredients and equipment for drinks and snacks.

Price 0.00 EUR

(2375) – ∅: 4.0

Water Connect Puzzle

Sliding puzzles are available in numerous variations. Instead of putting together a picture, water has to flow here. To do this, the parts are rotated so that streams are connected to one another. But also pay attention to the color of the water and the plants. When all trees have got their water, you have mastered the level.

Price 0.00 EUR

(377) – ∅: 4.1

Found you !! – Hide and Seek

There was a similar game last week. Again, you have to hide yourself by becoming part of the room. Transform yourself into an object and place yourself in a place where this object is not noticeable. However, you can also play the searcher and find the other players and hit them with a big hammer.

Price 0.00 EUR

(853) – ∅: 4.6

Meditation for inner calm

Even if there are no more extravagant shopping tours thanks to Corona, the pre-Christmas period can be stressful. But the job or family can also mean stress. Meditation can restore your inner calm.

Price 0.00 EUR

(3003) – ∅: 4.8

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