This is what families prefer to do during this ‘corona Christmas’

A Dutch study * among 1055 parents with children between the ages of 3 and 16 shows that board games will appear on the table of nearly 70 percent of families this Christmas. In addition, 60 percent say they go for a walk in the fresh air and 39 percent are creative with the children.

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Without screens

Fun fact: since the corona measures, half of the families surveyed play a board game one to four times a month. 67 percent of parents say board games are an easy way to play quality time with the family. In addition, they enjoy being able to ‘game’ with the children without the screen of TV, game console or telephone.

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‘Strengthens the family bond’

“Sitting at the table together as a family and laughing at a game ensures that the child again focuses on the most important people in his or her immediate environment”, says Katrien van Basten Batenburg of toy manufacturer Hasbro. “Such a pleasant afternoon or evening strengthens the family bond, which plays an important role for children in their mental health and personal development.”

Do you also fancy a game night with your family? Below you will find the best board games.

* The cited study was conducted by market research agency Multiscope on behalf of Hasbro.

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