9 at 9: New Android apps in the Play Store (week 02/22)

Welcome to 2022. This year we have the best new free apps for you again. Starting off with some cool games that can be more than just a simple pastime.

Idle Siege: War Simulator

You don’t win a war in your sleep, but even then your troops must perform at their best. In big battles you lead a large army that depends on your strategic skills. Every siege is different and requires the right composition of your troops. Big unlockable heroes like Genghis Khan or Robin Hood are also part of the game.

Price EUR 0.00

() – ∅: 0

Poker Tower Defense

Tower defense games come in all sorts of variations. This is where this genre meets the card game of poker. The heroes you use to defeat your enemies are directly dependent on your deck of cards. You can compete with other players in the PvP arena in real time.

Price EUR 0.00

(858) – ∅: 3.6

Mini Golf RPG (MGRPG)

You’ve probably never played miniature golf in a dungeon before. But in this new game, this is exactly how you fight your opponents and their bosses. Collect hundreds of items to upgrade your gear. You have to take care of yourself and your caddy and improve it.

Price EUR 0.00

() – ∅: 0

DesignVille: Merge & Design

In this game you can work as a craftsman and renovate numerous houses. Process orders from your customers and design the rooms according to your ideas. Fusing gives you better tools and many rare items that can help you a lot in your work.

Price EUR 0.00

(6290) – ∅: 4.6

Crust Crusaders

In fact, vegetables are good. But in this new game it can also be very evil. Use the good vegetables to fight the bad. Every game is different, so you won’t get bored that quickly. Save the planet cake.

Price EUR 0.00

(188) – ∅: 4.8

Where’s Samantha?

Embark on a great search in a hand-drawn textile world. However, since you are only a light piece of cloth, even a light wind can be very dangerous to you. Watch out for this and many more obstacles. Solve all the puzzles of the 45 levels of this game.

Price EUR 0.00

() – ∅: 0

Toy Army Men Defense: Merge

This new tower defense game gives you the opportunity to play both actively and passively. Place towers, fuse them to upgrade them and auto-produce them overnight. Build a base from 6 different buildings.

Price EUR 0.00

(256) – ∅: 2.6

Combat Master Mobile FPS

Even friends of the shooter should not miss out. In a great graphic environment you can shoot as you please. However, you have to take care of everything yourself. It is not shot automatically and nothing is automatically collected. According to the developer, the entire game should be completely ad-free.

Price EUR 0.00

(28281) – ∅: 4.3

Tower Takeover: Conquer Castle

Another tower defense game concludes today. The strength of the towers is determined by the number of soldiers they contain. Draw lines between the towers and occupy them with new soldiers. Deploy your army strategically and defeat your attackers.

Price EUR 0.00

(887) – ∅: 3.9

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