What is the average income in 2022?

The average income of the Dutch in 2021 was still 2923 euros gross per month – this was excluding holiday pay.

Counting rich?

Although the minimum wage, health care premium, health care benefits and a number of tax credits will also increase in 2022, you do not have to count yourself rich: due to the sharply increased prices of, among other things, gas, electricity and products such as clothing, petrol and foodstuffs, there is a good chance that you have less left at the bottom of the line than last year. Read here what else will change for your wallet.

Income Effects

The modal income refers to the income that occurs most (is earned) in the Netherlands. In other words: the salary of an average Dutch person – Jan Modaal. So it is slightly different from the average salary. In the Netherlands, the term is used as a reference point to determine the income effects of government measures.

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Every year the average income is published by the Central Planning Bureau (CPB). In 2017, this was 34,000 euros on an annual basis. For 2018, this amount was estimated at 35,000 euros, for 2019 at 36,000 euros and for 2020 at 36,500 euros. The average income for 2021 was 36,500 euros and in 2022 it will be 38,000 euros.

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