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Tesla’s Cybertruck likely won’t hit shelves this year

You’re here had already postponed the launch of its electric pickup to 2022 cybertruck, but it seems that Elon Musk’s firm is encountering new difficulties. The Cybertruck product sheet visible on the Tesla site no longer mentions 2022 as the year of marketing, and Tesla still does not specify a date for the start of production, which is almost more worrying knowing the liabilities of the firm on the management delivery times.

Thus, the statement “you will be able to complete its configuration as production approaches in 2022” leaves room for “you will be able to complete its configuration as production approaches”. If we are to believe the hallway noises that have leaked on the web. Tesla reportedly decided to drop the goal of a 2022 launch in the very last days of 2021.

This postponement is not necessarily surprising in the case of Tesla, the American firm having made a habit of announcing its novelties well before their effective availability (sometimes years before). The Cybertruck was announced in 2019, but it will probably have to wait until 2023 (at least) to see it come off the assembly lines.

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