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6 things to know about the Galaxy S21

Soon, from January 2021, Samsung will unveil the Galaxy S21 to the general public, which is preparing to be released. This release is visibly ahead of its usual schedule. Already several questions are being asked about this novelty, its rumors, its characteristics, its release date, its price and more other more important information. Here are six things you may already know about the Galaxy S21 while it waits for its official release.

The Galaxy S21 technical sheet

Finally, it’s done! the 91 Mobiles site had access to part of the Galaxy S21 technical sheet. This brand would offer:

  • a 6.8-inch 120 Hz or 144 Hz Dynamic AMOLED display;
  • a Snapdragon 875;
  • a 5000 mAh battery;
  • a triple photo sensor articulated around a main module of 108 megapixels.

Its design

As the design-based 3D videos show, the Galaxy S21 could look like the S20. The manufacturer Samsung is working on a photo sensor technology under the screen, which would allow it to make it more invisible as was the case with fingerprint scanners. In addition to that, the rumors also point to a more radical design change at least on part of the range. In this case, the Galaxy S21 would be inspired by the iPhone 12.

As for materials, he would be content with plastic. It is IP68 certified for its resistance to dust and water. The screen ratio remains the same as on the S20 (around 90%).

The autonomy of the 21

The Galaxy S21 comes with a battery (5000 mAh) which would benefit from a recharge of 25 Watts. It will be compatible for wireless recharging as well as the powerbank function which allows the smartphone battery to be used to recharge a third-party device (wireless headphones for example). Just like Apple with its iPhones, the manufacturer of the Galaxy would have chosen to no longer include a charger or headphones in the box of the S21.

Would the S21 be good in photos?

The information leaked at this level mainly relates to the S21 Ultra. It would be equipped with a 108 megapixel sensor. This is an improved version of the ISOCELL Bright HM1 module that is often found on the S20. For the S21 Ultra, Samsung would bet on a camera with four sensors, namely:

  • a main lens of 108 megapixels;
  • a 12-megapixel ultra-wide angle module;
  • a 10 megapixel sensor with 3X optical zoom;
  • a final 10 megapixel lens with 10X optical zoom.

Rumors have it that there is a 40 megapixel photo sensor in the hole in the screen. This Galaxy will allow its users to film in 8k at 30fps.

The Android version for the Galaxy

The S21 will be running Android 11. It will receive an update to the next three major versions of Android (Android 12, Android 13 and Android 14). According to the latest information received, Samsung has integrated One Ui 3.1 directly into the Galaxy S21. As it is used to, the company will again ignore version 3.0 of its interface.

Galaxy s21

What would the price of the S21 be?

We learn from reliable sources that Samsung would like to adopt the same strategy as the Galaxy S20. This implies that there will be a standard S21, an S21 + and an S21 Ultra. The probability is low that we will have a tariff reduction. On the contrary, the price could go up further. Remember: the firm had marketed its Galaxy S20 at prices ranging between 909 euros and 1359 euros.

For the Galaxy S21, it is very likely that the standard S21 will be maintained at more or less than 1000 euros. The S21 + will be priced around $ 1,100 and the Galaxy S21 Ultra can probably cost more than its predecessor at $ 1,359. Its price can also be estimated at 1400 euros.

The release of the Samsung Galaxy S21 We certainly have other positive surprises in store for the month of January 2021. For the moment, we keep in mind that we will be entitled to three ranges of S21: a classic S21, an S21 + and an S21 Ultra. All equipped with a very sophisticated camera device and a battery powerful enough for a great autonomy of use.

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