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Transcription and subtitling: the HappyScribe solution

Did you know that there is a type of service that allows you to transcribe an audio source, whatever it is? Used by journalists, professors, lawyers, librarians, editors, students or videographers, HappyScribe transcribes any audio file into text…

The services of french transcription play an essential role in many fields such as research, education, journalism, justice, medicine, etc. They consist of converting audio or video recordings into written text, which facilitates the understanding, analysis and dissemination of information.

Transcription helps provide equitable access to information for people who are deaf or hard of hearing and makes it easier to analyze scientific data. It is indeed easier to comment on text than on a soundtrack. Transcription services help create written, accurate and detailed records. This can be useful in the context of meetings, conferences, seminars or legal proceedings.

Transcription and subtitling

Written transcription facilitates editing, reviewing and translating content. Editors can work more efficiently on text, while translators can use transcriptions as a starting point for translating content into other languages. Transcribing an audio source also gives students access to course materials and learning resources in text form, making it easier to take notes, understand, and review. This process is also used by journalists and many other professions. The problem is that transcription is a long and expensive process. Luckily for people who want to transcribe audio to written text, there’s HappyScribe to take care of your transcriptions and captioning.

Upload your file and choose the language…

A complete transcription tool

No need to look for the right person on The good corner or to trust an expensive agency. HappyScribe’s software can transform any audio source in just a few minutes with an accuracy of 85%. If you opt for our professional transcription service, your transcription will be ready within 24 hours with at least 99% accuracy. It is possible to recover the content of your audio or video file to 45 different formats: TXT, DOCX, PDF and even SRT for the implementation of subtitles in a video. The final file may also include an accurate timestamp and speaker names to aid understanding. Don’t have the source file? HappyScribe allows importing from YouTube, Google Drive, Zoom, Dropbox or any URL.

…In a few seconds this song by Louise Attaque was transcribed!

Affordable prices and a free trial!

And the least we can say is that HappyScribe is not an expensive service. It is possible to try the automatic transcription for free to get an idea (a few minutes per month), but for a more complete service, the paid version starts with a formula at 10€/month (120€ for a whole year). Just sign up for a free trial then give it a try!

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