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FIFA would prepare its own streaming platform!

The various agreements on the broadcasting of football matches ended up turning into the most complete mess (see the Mediapro fiasco in France). FIFA will perhaps cut this Gordian knot with… a streaming platform! If we are to believe The Daily Mail, FIFA is developing in the greatest secrecy (more so secret) a video streaming platform with OTT programs, that is to say without going through partners.

The information is surprising, especially since most championships or major football competitions are already subject to broadcasting agreements. Unless FIFIA decides to buy broadcasting rights (often very expensive), the content offered should therefore be limited to extracts from matches (goals, spectacular actions). The Daily Mail thus understands that the SVoD of FIFA would mainly concern eSports, tournaments under 20 years old or even extracts from World Cup matches. It will be difficult to get European content given that UEFA already has its own platform (again with quite limited content).

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