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5x gourmet sets for a delicious Christmas dinner


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Do you have a minute? This raclette grill has no fewer than five different settings, including a grill and baking tray, wok area and raclette pans. And because it is nice and big, you can enjoy it with up to eight people.

You can buy it here.

Plug & share

gourmet set Christmas dinner

Are grandpa and grandma coming along to gourmet? Then you go for this plug & share gourmet set from Tefal. You can connect several sets to it, so that you can enjoy a delicious dinner together from a distance.

Order it here.

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Nice and simple

gourmet set Christmas dinner

A fine, round grill plate for an even finer price. You can bake and grill with it and it comes with six pans.

You can buy it here.

Duo grill

gourmet set Christmas dinner

Kill two birds with one stone: with this Princess raclette grill you can grill on a non-stick coating and a stone grill plate. At the bottom you bake your pancakes and omelets. Includes eight pans and wooden spatulas.

Buy the raclette grill here.


gourmet set Christmas dinner

Thanks to the square shape, this raclette grill is perfect for the smaller table. And the possibilities are no less: you can grill, bake, stir-fry and even make your own mini pizzas. You can bet that your child cannot wait to join the Christmas dinner.

Here you order this raclette grill for four people.

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