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Aptera promises an electric car with a range of up to 1,600 kilometers

This week a lot revolves around sustainable mobility. Before we release you into the weekend today, let’s take another look at a very interesting concept that could soon become reality. What would you say if there were an electric vehicle for (from) 21,350 euros that charges itself and hardly needs to refuel? You would probably assume fiction. Aptera would like to have this vision happen as early as 2021.

Before we go deeper into the subject, here’s a hint: At Aptera, a healthy amount of skepticism is not surprising. The company was founded in 2005 and had the idea for an electric vehicle back then. In 2011, however, the money ran out, which is why the well-known company disappeared from the scene. The Paradgim and the Paradigm Plus should now represent a new start.

Futuristic design is part of such a car (Image: Aptera Motors)

Specifically, the company says that the vehicle models now announced should have a range of up to 1,600 kilometers. That would be more than twice the range of the Tesla Model S. Cheaper model variants should come 400, 640 and 960 kilometers. The body is extremely light and is driven by only three wheels. In my opinion, the design is a bit like flying cars in Hollywood strips.

But what about refueling? The founders say that the average vehicle occupant probably never has to refuel. There is a solar system on the vehicle that is supposed to gain up to 70 extra kilometers per day. So if you travel less than 25,500 kilometers per year, you don’t need a power socket at home or on the go.

There is space for two people in the interior (Image: Aptera Motors)

The sleek design and the body made of carbon, Kevlar and hemp make it possible. However, the small car has one disadvantage: it can only compete with a Smart, more than two seats are not provided or not possible. Production should start as early as next year, the parts mainly come from the 3-D printer and can therefore be produced quickly.

The concept sounds promising, as does the price. Now Aptera just has to show that the vehicle can actually be built and that it keeps its promises. But if this is the case and the models are also approved in Europe, then we could soon see more futuristic cars on the streets.

via Business Insider

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