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15x the nicest barefoot paths in the Netherlands

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Hoppa, out with those slippers or shoes and enjoy nature with your naked poop. Walking without footwear seems to reduce stress and be very healthy. And your children also find it really fun, running barefoot through the mud. These are the nicest barefoot paths.

Christoffelhoeve – Elsendorp, North Brabant

Go wild on this trail with sand hills, steep slopes, water features, gravel and a suspension bridge. The route is 2 kilometers long and suitable for all ages (accompanied by an adult of course). The path starts at the Christoffelhoeve, where you can also play golf or klootschieten. Or book an overnight stay in one of the hikers’ cabins.

Mud feet – Deurne, North Brabant

In the Toon Kortoomspark in Deurne you can parade without shoes on forest paths, grassy roads and peat paths. The walk stimulates your feet with different surfaces and for the minis there are balance beams, a wobbly bridge, a mud ditch and a watchtower. Here you can effortlessly roll over the path with a buggy or wheelchair. The tour takes about 1.5 hours.

Bare Feet Spectacle – Brunssum, South Limburg

The BloteVoetenPark in Brunssum is located in one of the most adventurous forests in South Limburg. With a maze and playing circle and various mud pools and obstacle courses, this is not called a Bare Feet Spectacle for nothing.

In the jungle – Outpost, Gelderland

Balancing on the willow path, making your way through the swamp and choosing the right route through the bamboo forest. Nice and exotic, at Buitenpost’s Barefoot Path. Also nice: for the little ones there is a children’s playground with animal meadow.

Barefoot – Gelselaar, Gelderland

You don’t want to miss the barefoot country of Erve Brooks in Gelselaar this summer. Especially when the sun is shining. Here you stroll barefoot through rivers and over itchy grass paths. Also try one of the other adventure trails or settle down in the playground.

Just walk – Zeewolde, Flevoland

At Recreatieboerderij De Sternhof in Zeewolde you walk without shoes on roads made of wood, grass, mud and gravel. That’s something else. The path is about 2 kilometers long and winds through the flower garden, a labyrinth and the vegetable garden.

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Golden feet – Bovenkarspel, North Holland

A path with an educational character. The route leads past wheat, fruit, vegetables, herbs and hayfields, so that children learn where our food actually comes from. Also a really brilliant addition: in the undergrowth there is a shouting house, where children can scream as loud as they want without inhibition. Where can that still be? (Because: preferably not at home.) There is also a bird pond, willow forest and windmill.

Take off the naughty shoes – Sint Maartenszee, North Holland

The barefoot path of Land van Fluwel in Sint Maartenszee is a spectacle for your bare feet. You can stroll here with your kids on itchy, hard and soft surfaces. On the route you will find a watchtower, step logs and at the end also a handy water tap. So you can go home with clean feet.

Molenwaard Adventure Farm – Groot-Ammers, South Holland

Walk on sand, grass and stones on this small but nice barefoot path. There is also a feel board for kids who prefer to keep their shoes on. And there is even more to experience on this farm: children can cuddle animals, sail a boat, milk a cow and get lost in the willow maze.

Pancakes for dessert – Rotterdam, South Holland

Muddling along on the Barefoot Path? Then you must be ready for something tasty. You can conclude this walk with pancakes in restaurant Klokshuys, located between the apple and pear trees of the Klok family.

Nature Quarter – Nieuwegein, Utrecht

Is your toddler or preschooler not used to long walks (or just plain lazy)? This route only takes half an hour, and is therefore also suitable for small children. The trail leads over soft grass, moss, fine sand gravel, large boulders, wood chips, logs and thick branches. The mud paths and bridge make it nice and playful.

Socks off – Opende, Groningen

You can leave your socks and shoes at home during a visit to the Westerkwartier in Groningen. At Blotevoetenpad Opende of Staatsbosbeheer you can walk barefoot through nature. And that is quite a foot adventure. Tip: if it has just rained there is a lot of mud and that makes it extra fun.

Age-old footprints – Oudemirdum, Friesland

On the Barevoetenpad Gaasterland in Oudemirdum you will learn about the history of this area. Strolling through the grass, with a raft to the other side, really on an adventure. Tip: Sybrandy’s Play Park is next door and is just as much fun.

Boots on (or off) – Norg, Drenthe

Here you can look for aquatic animals with your boots on or barefoot in the stream. With a scoop net, bucket and search card in your pocket (can be picked up at the Nature Place) you can walk the Laarzenpad in Norg. Do you put on/off the naughty shoes?

Bring clean clothes – Blokzijl, Zwolle

On a summer day it is wonderful to wander around at Maisdoolhof and Blotevoetenpad Blokzijl. The name says it all: the shoes are allowed here and there is a great maze. The barefoot path challenges children to clamber, feel and of course get dirty feet. Handy: the grass path is also accessible with a pram or wheelchair.

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