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our selection of 7 unmissable one-man-shows

If Netflix had existed 20 years ago, Gad wouldn’t have had to fly to pump up his boyfriends. It turns out that the streaming platform is full of stand-up shows: often American or English with subtitles, there are also some French in the lot. We have already told you about the very good ones Dave Chapel and Bill Burr in a previous article then we will pass on these two geniuses of laughter. We will also ignore the “classics” such as Live in Concert by Richard Pryor that you must have already seen if you are “real”. The “stand-up” category is a bit hidden, you will find it here:

Stand-up category on Netflix

As we have made a lot of friends on Twitter with our selection of not very “woke” Netflix films, we are continuing our momentum with an anthology of 7 must-see one-man shows on the platform.

Please note that the shows in English are all subtitled in French on Netflix, even if this is not the case in the extracts below.

Our pick of the best stand-up shows on Netflix

Tom Segura – Ball Hog

Tom Segura is not a genius comedian, but he knows how to tell stories devilishly well. There are 3 of his shows on the platform and we advise you to check them out if you like unfiltered humor. No real common thread in ball hog, we go from the place of women in society to slavery through anecdotes. However, time flies by.

Ricky Gervais – Supernature

You may have seen Ricky Gervais in The Office (UK version), The Invention of Lying or as Doctor Ben in the series Louie by Louis CK, but it is also an exceptional stand-upper. Humanity (2016) set the bar so high that it was hard to imagine doing better with supernatural (2022). Yet this short one-hour show is a real treat: cancel culture, pedophilia, transsexuality, Islam, obesity, everything goes. If you’re the “can’t say no more” type, watch Ricky Gervais. The guy is not afraid of anything.

Sarah Silverman – A Speck of Dust

Singer, actress and writer, Sarah Silvermann is also a stand-up comedian. Author and performer in the Saturday Night Livehis show A Speck of Dust (2017) is short, but surprising. If you thought female comedians weren’t funny, you’ll change your mind. The pace isn’t crazy, but it hits the mark. A “fun fact” about Sarah? His sister is a rabbi.

Sebastian Maniscalco – Stay Hungry

Sebastian Maniscalco, who we saw in particular in The Irishman where he plays Joe Gallo, is a hyperactive comedian of Italian origin. He’s not really in the “anti-well-thinking” movement and rather tells stories about his family, the people in the street, about everything and nothing in fact. He’s a bit like the American Franck Dubosc, but funny. If his accent doesn’t put you off, you’ll adopt it.

Haroun – Haroun

A French ! Finally ! It must be said that there are not many on the platform, but Haroun is clearly the best. His show Haroon from 2021 on Netflix is ​​not bad, but the guy is not stingy and he has uploaded his other shows on YouTube for free: Internet, etc. and Bulk. Quite rare tongue-in-cheek humor. You know if you’re hooked after a few minutes, then it’s worth watching.

Jimmy Carr – His Dark Material

Second Briton of this selection with friend Ricky, Jimmy Carr does not taste political correctness. His 2021 joke on the Holocaust (which we let you discover in the extract) almost got him “cancelled”, but he knew how to stay the course and did not give in to the sirens of well-meaning. Netflix has several of its shows in its catalog, but its His Dark Material is very…Dark.

Blanche Gardin – I speak to myself

You thought we put Sarah Silverman in the selection to meet the girl quota? No. We just saved the best for last. Blanche Gardin is humor without taboos, French charm with a kick in the balls. According to us, his last show Good white night is still less percussive than its I’m speaking alone. Up to you.

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