WhatsApp stops working if you decline controversial terms

Despite all the criticism, WhatsApp is introducing new conditions on May 15. The company has now shown how the app will slowly stop working if you don’t agree with this.

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WhatsApp conditions: mandatory acceptance

WhatsApp is going to work better with its parent company Facebook, which has caused quite a stir. TechCrunch received an internal email showing how WhatsApp wants to gradually make the new conditions mandatory. WhatsApp has since confirmed to TechCrunch that this email is correct.

Around May 15 you will receive a notification in WhatsApp in which you can accept the new conditions. Here is an icon explaining what’s going to change: end-to-end encryption will remain to protect your privacy, but companies can also chat with you via Facebook and WhatsApp. These messages do not have this protection.

If you dismiss this notification, you can continue to use WhatsApp, but not for long. The email shows that the app can only receive messages and calls within a few weeks, but you can no longer send or read messages if you have not accepted the conditions.

In the run-up to May 15, a small banner will appear in the app in which you can read more about the new user conditions.

WhatsApp competitors more popular than ever

When WhatsApp unveiled the plan for the new terms, competing messaging apps shot up in the App Store rankings. The criticism was so fierce that the company postponed the new terms. Telegram and Signal and other WhatsApp alternatives are more popular than ever. Do you want to know more about WhatsApp and your privacy, or do you want to switch to another chat app? Check the articles below in which we can help you with this.

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